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Sangster Warner Consulting Group is a diversified company consisting of subsidiaries in various industries, from Construction and Fabrication, Concrete Pouring and Groundwork to Electrical Panels and vehicle rentals. Sangster Warner is able to provide all services and materials tailored to your specific needs.

At Sangster Warner we believe in better service, we believe in better customer care, we believe that to get ahead in this competitive business environment, you can’t only do it better, but you need to do it differently

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Sangster Warner was awarded this project based purely on meeting the technical requirement above or beyond it competitors. The difficulty of this project lay in of the design and scale of the structure which is required to withstand the wind load speed of aircrafts

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Our approach is to divest authority in experienced teams so that sound decisions are made quickly and company communications are instantaneous. This allows us to deliver strong, whenever and wherever we’re called. According to our clients, this distinction sets us apart from many larger and less agile firms

Sangster Warner competencies center in construction and program management, life support, logistics and communications. We continue to develop new disciplines that align with our strengths as markets demand. We regularly review and refine existing business processes and seek client feedback to improve our service delivery. We’re proud to say that this approach is the foundation for our longevity and success.

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First of its kind application for the use of our client's to manage, book and track all of their leased assets on the go.