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Sangster Warner Consulting Group is a diversified company consisting of subsidiaries in various industries, from Construction and Fabrication, Jet Fuel refuelling, Concrete Pouring and Groundwork to Electrical Panels and vehicle rentals. Sangster Warner is able to provide all services and materials tailored to your specific needs in helping organizations, governments and the US Military work successfully in the world’s most austere and remote locations. With a 15+ year history of working overseas building Camps, providing construction and power generation, logistical and life support, Sangster Warner goes where others cannot or will not. We’ve built a reputation of fulfilling on our promise and the needs of our customers worldwide.

Our management team has performed services on multi-million dollar projects for life support, construction, camp management, and power generation, specifically within the Middle East region and East Africa for United States military forces and various US government agencies and prime contractors. Sangster Warner has registrations and operating license in all parts of the Middle East and Africa supporting, power generation, construction and logistics. That mentality and philosophy of “can-do” was instrumental in the years of success and relationships Sangster Warner has developed. By 2009, Sangster Warner was fully mobilized into Afghanistan, opening our first offices in Kabul and Kandahar. Afghanistan operations continued to grow as our presence had spread to other more remote locations until the draw-down and eventual closure.

Sangster Warner has worked cooperatively for several years to successfully complete or are still performing numerous projects for military and private clients.

The Sangster Warner approach is to provide integrated solutions to serve the unique needs of customers doing work in under-developed, hostile and emerging markets or where there is little or no infrastructure. We self perform in our core competencies of construction, base operations, logistical and life support, power generation and IT/communications. Over the years, we have developed an extensive, historical electronic database and documented files, which gives our management team the ability to establish and streamline a full complement of essential services in order to provide reasonable quality of life in austere and remote environments— expediently and cost effectively.